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"Light poured across the plains of TransTerra as though the heavens had been slit with a knife and the day behind was gushing through."




The Epic "White Scar Across the Firmament" masterfully blends cosmic mysteries with intense personal journeys, inviting readers into a richly imagined universe where celestial battles and deep-seated intrigue converge. Its vivid storytelling and intricate plot promise an exhilarating adventure across time and space, captivating those who yearn for a blend of science fiction and profound human experiences.

White Scar Across the Firmament by A.N. Milne

In a universe torn by celestial battles,

An Angel on the cusp of a major discovery lands on a distant world, only to find she's not alone.

Her arrival spirals into a gripping tale of destiny and danger,

Weaving through the cosmic tapestry of interstellar conflict and intrigue.

"Is our destiny written in the stars? 'White Scar Across the Firmament' unravels a cosmic tale of family, identity, and the fight for humanity's soul in the vastness of space.

The year is 2326, and amidst the stars, the settlers of Pilgrim's Progress ache for a sign. Any sign.

Captain Jonah Harrison, cut off by the centuries-long silence from Earth, discovers a cryptic message veiled within a meteor shower; a celestial warning, foretelling a conflict beyond his direst dreams.

The year is 2135. Earth teeters on the brink, its inhabitants awaiting judgement.

Jean Harrison, security consultant, uncovers a reality-shaking conspiracy, linking Earth's fate to cosmic forces with dimensions too vast to oppose or comprehend.

Set in a vast alien universe, 'White Scar Across the Firmament' intertwines the fates of the two Harrisons, separated by time, yet bound by destiny. This epic spans eons and light-years, presenting a profound exploration of human character and a man's struggle against both extraterrestrial forces and familial bonds.

Team White Scar

A.N. Milne
H.S. Crow
Camielle Adams
Kev Liew
Nika Art
Sierra 'Ashevaili'
Sierra 'Ashevaili'
Otherworlds Inc

Spanning centuries and star systems, this is epic-scope sci-fi with a beating heart, colliding planetary-scale events to ask intimate questions of what it means to crave connection, to feel isolation, to love another person. You've never read a book like this before.

Riley Redgate

Author of Alone Out Here

Victoria Harrison

Victoria's existence is a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and raw human emotion. She is a stark reminder of both past tragedies and the resilience to overcome them. Her gaze, capable of interfacing directly with advanced corneal implants, and her ability to transmit the intensity of battle through shared feeds, place her at the exhilarating nexus of futuristic combat and profound personal bonds.

Jonah Harrison

A figure shrouded in an aura of mystery and authority. His interactions with other characters, like the Archangels, reveal a man who commands respect and holds a significant presence, akin to a character from a Tolkien tale. His demeanor, balancing a certain elven grace with an underlying sense of practicality and leadership, makes him a compelling and intriguing figure in this sci-fi narrative​​.

Alyssa Cavendish

A resilient and determined figure, bravely enduring the future's physical and emotional trials.

David Manderly

Representing the Collective, David Manderly is a man with a deep connection to the past. With augmented muscles and his combat style, he’s a formidable figure to confront.

Hermann Albrecht

Commander Albrecht is depicted as a strategic and influential leader of the Archangel Insurgency. His ability to coordinate complex operations and his unflinching demeanor in the face of daunting challenges highlight his role as a key figure in the struggle against The Collective of Humankind​​.

Jean Harrison

With deep protective nature, especially towards her family, she traverses a world fraught with danger and uncertainty. Armed with a formidable combination of physical strength and swift, strategic intellect, Jean confronts and navigates the complexities and perils of her environment.

Eoin O'Brien

Having entered the Merantau Program from the fledgling Orbital Reconnaissance Corps (ORC), Eoin underwent epigenetic therapy for muscle growth and had his sinews interwoven with carbon nanotube fibers, while his bones were reinforced with titanium. This unique blend of biological and technological augmentations grants him extraordinary physical strength, exemplified by his ability to single handedly right a ton-and-a-quarter robotic plow on TransTerra.

Tony Liu

A deeply intriguing and complex figure. Originating from Beijing. His personality paints the picture of a man who has been profoundly affected by his experiences. Tony is a character shaped by his harsh environment, a resilient presence.

About The Author

Discover the visionary imagination of A.N. Milne, the mastermind behind "White Scar Across the Firmament," a thrilling journey through the realms of cosmic horror and sci-fi. Dive into a narrative where the boundaries of reality blur, and the unknown beckons with every turn of the page. Milne's work is not just a story; it's an experience that will haunt your dreams and ignite your sense of wonder. Don't just read a novel, live an adventure. Grab your copy today and begin an unforgettable journey through the depths of Milne's extraordinary universe! Learn more about the creator below!

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