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"Is our destiny written in the stars? "

Embark on an interstellar odyssey with 'A White Scar Across the Firmament' – where cosmic mystery meets high-octane action. For fans who reveled in the expansive universes of Alastair Reynolds and Arthur C. Clarke, this novel offers a unique blend of hard science fiction and gripping space warfare. Dive into a world where every decision shapes the fate of galaxies.

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In the gripping novel 'White Scar Across the Firmament' by A.N. Milne, readers are transported into a future where humanity grapples with its identity amidst an alien threat. This tale of Captain Jonah Harrison’s quest across the galaxy is a masterful blend of science fiction and deep human inquiry. This novel is not just a space odyssey; it's a profound exploration of human character against the backdrop of an expansive, alien universe.

White Scar Across the Firmament

"Is our destiny written in the stars? 'White Scar Across the Firmament' unravels a cosmic tale of family, identity, and the fight for humanity's soul in the vastness of space."

The year is 2326, and amidst the stars, the settlers of Pilgrim's Progress ache for a sign. Any sign.

Captain Jonah Harrison, cut off by the centuries-long silence from Earth, discovers a cryptic message veiled within a meteor shower; a celestial warning, foretelling a conflict beyond his direst dreams.

The year is 2135. Earth teeters on the brink, its inhabitants awaiting judgement.

Jean Harrison, security consultant, uncovers a reality-shaking conspiracy, linking Earth's fate to cosmic forces with dimensions too vast to oppose or comprehend.

Set in a vast alien universe, 'White Scar Across the Firmament' intertwines the fates of the two Harrisons, separated by time, yet bound by destiny. This epic spans eons and light-years, presenting a profound exploration of human character and a man's struggle against both extraterrestrial forces and familial bonds. 

An Epic

Space Adventure

journey with Captain Jonah Harrison as he navigates through the vastness of space, tackling extraterrestrial threats and personal dilemmas.

Deep Philosophical Questions

Delve into the complexities of kinship, legacy, and human resilience as Harrison confronts his past and future.

Stunning World-Building

Experience a vividly crafted universe, where each planet and star tells a story, and humanity's place in the cosmos is questioned.

Riveting Action and Suspense

Engage in high-stakes battles and strategic maneuvers, showcasing humanity's fight for survival against formidable alien forces.

Thought-Provoking Themes

Ponder over the nature of family bonds, legacy, and what it means to be human in a universe that challenges our understanding.

The Cosmic Dance between a Collective Consciousness, Futuristic Technology, and Unseen Forces

Two Friends Watch Podcast

Two Friends Watch Podcast - Where Passion Meets the Silver Screen!

From the creator of "A White Scar Across the Firmament," dive into a universe where movies are more than just films – they're a journey! Join Author A.N. Milne aka as Andrew/Donald, and Daniel, two cinephiles separated by miles but united in their love for cinema. In each episode, they bridge the gap between time and space to bring you a unique blend of insights, humor, and unabashed film fanaticism!

The Collective's Harmony

Explore a universe where the collective resonates with harmonious purpose, rendering the pursuit of individuality not just futile, but a path to cosmic horror.

In the shadows of unity, do we lose our humanity, or uncover a deeper, hidden truth?


Riley Redgate

Author of Alone Out Here!

Spanning centuries and star systems, this is epic-scope sci-fi with a beating heart, colliding planetary-scale events to ask intimate questions of what it means to crave connection, to feel isolation, to love another person. You've never read a book like this before.


Quantum Quill Critiques

A Ohio Local Bookstore

In 'White Scar Across the Firmament,' Milne weaves a cosmic tapestry so vivid, it feels like gazing through a telescope into the heart of an interstellar adventure, where science and imagination collide spectacularly. We're adding this great work to our shelf!


H.S. Crow

Author of Lunora

White Scar Across the Firmament" masterfully combines individuality, collective consciousness, and technology's ethical implications. Andrew skillfully blends hard sci-fi with philosophical depth. The novel's engaging narrative delves into technology's impact on humanity, making it a thought-provoking addition to the sci-fi genre and a reflection on our rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Meet the Author


My full name is Andrew Neil Milne. I was born in Arbroath, Scotland, on December 3rd, 1990, where I was raised by my parents together with my younger sister. I was, and am, bookish. Growing up, I was obsessed with the bleak intensity, the thorny moral dilemmas, and the interstellar scope of K.A. Applegate's 'Animorphs' books. From those, I graduated to authors like Frank Herbert; Dan Simmons; Ursula K. Le Guin; Alfred Bester; Samuel R. Delaney; Peter F. Hamilton; James S.A. Corey. I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2012 with a first-class M.A. in English and Politics.

I found it easy and natural to string sentences together while writing essays, and I always had it in my head that I would write a novel one day (I made my first, unfinished attempt when I was 10).It wasn't until 2015, though, that I really took it upon myself to try writing fiction in earnest, in the spirit of 'if not now, when?' I wanted to pay forward the influence of the authors who inspired me growing up, and create heady, twisty, epic sci-fi stories that younger readers might get lost in for days and weeks.

Now, in 2024, I present my best effort to do so. By day, I work as a Business Development Manager for a small consultancy; otherwise, when I'm not writing, I'm an avid hiker, always seeking out new long-distance routes all over the world. I'm a fan of prog metal, JRPGs, and 1970s kung-fu films. I write a lot about movies on Letterboxd - find me here:

I am not, by the way, in any way related to or affiliated with the estate of Alan Alexander ('A.A.') Milne, (1882 - 1956), the author of the 'Winnie-the-Pooh' series of children's books. If that's who you were looking for, and Google led you here by mistake... hang around anyway! Maybe I've written something you'd be interested in. Stranger things have happened.

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